Constantin Poselski is a legendary craftsman with the camera as photography is his deepest love affair. He believes photography changes lives and promotes the beautiful, honest image of humanity.
     He is best known for his portrait and concert photography. Constantin graduated with a B. A. degree in Film and Psychology from Hunter College, as well as a certificate for completing a one-year Filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy.
     You could find him in New York City mediating, producing videos, and improving the quality of his work.
Contantin's journey began in 1990, but his family's legacy began generations ago when two Poselski brothers started a movie production studio aptly named Poselski Brothers Moving Pictures. Two of the middle children, Iosef and Iakov Poselski were in their 20's when they began producing short films using film they imported from Switzerland. Their primary focus was on documenting life in Russia before and after the revolutionary war in 1917.


Poselski Brothers
Poselski Brothers

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